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WordTranslation & MeaningTransliterationStrong's Number
O Ra Hoor Khuit!From: Liber AL vel Legis, Chapter III, 37.ע רא העער כהויט0
שְׁלֹמֹ֔ה חִירָ֖ם מִצֹּֽר שְׁלֹמֹ֔ה Solomon 78 + חִירָ֖ם Hiram 258 + מִצֹּֽר Tyre 330 = 666. From 1 Kings 7:13 where the text reads: Now King Solomon sent and brought Hiram from Tyre.ShLMH ChIRM MTsR0
axle of the wheel the cube in the circleFrom Liber Al vel Legis II,7: 'I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. `Come unto me` is a foolish word: for it is I that go.'אסלה עף תה והההל תה חובה ין תה חירחלה0
אלהיסטהר ה כרעולהיַIt is legitimate transliteration to read the capital C in Crowley as either a Cheth or a Kaph. This calculator chooses Cheth as the default but Aleister choose the Kaph with his own name and he had to add the initial E from his middle name too.Aleister E Krowley0
In our solar system any planet’s orbital period (i.e. the time it takes to complete one whole circle around the Sun in years) is directly related to its average distance from the Sun. If P is the planets orbital period in years and D is its average distance from the Sun in Astronomical Units (AU) then the equation to derive the later from the former is D = P.666. That is D equals P to the power of 0.666. This is accurate to at least 99.9% for every planet from Mercury to Uranus and accurate to 99.8% for Pluto. You can do the math to prove this. ~ submitted by Reubin Levi. 0
Εγω ο ΠαντοκρατωρMeaning: I the almighty. See Revelation 1:8.EGO O PANTOKRATOR0
ανθρωπου εστιν = 662 + 1 + [understanding = 3] = 666Meaning: a man it is. From Revelations 13:18 where it says: One having Understanding ~ and as Understanding is the name of the third sephirah of the Tree of Life we count 1 + 3 with the Greek. Obviously this solution posits a much earlier date for the Tree or a much later date of composition for the Book of Revelations.ANThROPOU ESTIN + 1 + 30
N Y Sh K Th Th Ch P A O I S I Th P P Th B + ΒΑΒΑΛΩΝThis is a notariqon from Liber Al vel Legis 1:15: Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince priest the Beast + the Greek word ΒΑΒΑΛΩΝ meaning Babalon.ן י ש ך ת ת ח ף א ע י ס י ת ף ף ת ב + BABALON0
D Khephra AhathoorFrom AL III:38. The pictogram of the letter Daleth is a door.ד כההפרא אהאתעער0
[[אדם * 2] * 2] + ובבהמה השמים ובעוף הים בדגת + הארץ + [הארץ –הרמש הרמש]Meaning: [[man x 2] x 2] + in fish of sea and birds of the heavens and livestock + the earth + [the earth – creeping thing that creeps]. See Genesis 1:26 and cross reference with Revelation 13:18.[[ADM x 2] x 2] + VBBHMH HShMIM VBOVP HIM BDGTh + HARTs + [HARTs - HRMSh HRMSh]0
ra hoor khuit d swSee Liber AL vel Legis III:44 ~ 'Let her follow me in my way.' It follows verse 38 which says 'There is a secret door that I shall make to establish thy way in all the quarters' and we find this secret door to be the letter daleth which means door. Therefore we take the name of ra hoor khuit and add it to D for daleth along with sw for the initials of the scarlet woman.רא העער כהויט ד סו0
AHYH YHVH ThE BLASPhEMY GODS OF MENFrom Liber AL vel Legis III:49. AHYH is transliterated Hebrew אהיה meaning 'I am', which is part of the famous answer of God to Moses in Exodus 3:14 when Moses asks what he is to tell the people. Ahyh has 3 letters in YHVH. Liber Al II:49 says 'I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men.' so every word after 'all' is counted.אהיה יהוה תה בלאספהמי געדס עף מהן0
as centres of pestilenceFrom the Tunis Comment, via Reversal Cipher. The full sentence is 'Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence.' In gematria 'all' means to calculate everything after it.אס חהנטרהס עף פהסטילהנחה0
sun + winged secret flame + haditFrom the Book of the Law 1:16.סון וינגהד סהחרהט פלאמה האדיט0
moon + stooping starlight + nuitFrom the Book of the Law 1:16, using the Reversal Cipher.מעען סטעעפינג סטארליגהט נויט0
Gemmed + azure - naked + splendour - of + nuitSee AL 1:14.גהממהד + אזורה - נאכהד + ספלהנדעור - עף + נויט0
ירעם אל בקולו נפלאותFrom Job 37:5, meaning: Thunders God in his voice wonderously.IROM AL BQVLV NPLAVTh0
אוזיריס איזיס הורוס שתAncient Egyptian Deities: Osiris Isis Horus SethAVZIRIS AIZIS HVRVS ShTh0
[אדם * ב * ב] + [הארץ + ובבהמה השמים ובעוף הים בדגת] - [הרמש הרמש - הארץ]From Genesis 1:26 concerning the creation of human beings.[ADM * 2 * 2] + [HARTs + VBBHMH HShMIM VBOVP HIM BDGTh] - [HRMSh HRMSh - HARTs]0
בחרצות הברזל הגלעדFrom Amos 1:3 meaning 'In implements of the iron + the Gilead.'BChRTsVTh HBRZL HGLOD0
ספר תורת יהוה אלהיםThis is not written. It means 'Book of the Law of YHVH Elohim', however in Nehemiah 9:3 it has the phrase 'in the book of the law of YHVH their Elohim' which is approximate to it.SPR ThVRTh IHVH ALHIM0
אלהי אבי בעזרי אליעזרMeaning: The God of my father is my help + Eliezer, from Exodus 18:4.ALHI ABI BOZRI ALIOZR0
ב + בו + רטב + לפני + שמש גנתו + ינקתו -From Job 8:15-16. The letter Beth is added to the sum for the mnemonic value of בֵּ֭יתוֹ 'his house', and the other words mean; It + Green + to face + Shamash (the Sun) + in his garden + his branches. This is a fascinating gematria sum because it brings together the Garden of Eden story with the traditional Solar Phallic/Green Man mythos and the magic square of the Sun. The construction is quite suggestive of philosophical principles concerning creation. Note how the sum goes from 0 to -2 before hitting the 6, then 217. 'To face the Sun' is 216, and 'in his garden his branches' is 233 and is the gate value of the Palace of the Beth. - B + BV + RTB + LPNI + ShMSh GNThV + INQThV0
ו ה ת ו ו ע פ ת ו א מ ע פ הThis notariqon from the letters of Genesis 1:2 sums to 666 with the reversal cipher. The previous verse (1:1) sums to 800 using notariqon and the reversal cipher.V H Th V V O P Th V A M O P H0
פני - וחשך + תהום + ב + אלהים אלהים + פני המיםThis calculation is from Genesis 1:2 with the Standard cipher. With the reversal cipher it sums to 800.PNI - VChShK + ThHVM + B + ALHIM ALHIM + PNI HMIM0
י יר ירו ירוש ירושל ירושלםThe biblical hebrew name of "Jerusalem" when iterated using the reversal cipher. I IR IRV IRVSh IRVShL IRVShLM3389

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“It is true that some of the so-called secrets are significant, but as a rule they are so only to those who already know what the secret is.” — Aleister Crowley.


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“Ein kabbalistisches Meisterwerk. Für den modernen Kabbalisten (der versucht sein könnte, die biblischen Wurzeln und Anwendungen der Qabalah abzulehnen) ist Seht Her! Die Kunst und Praxis der Gematria der vielleicht wertvollste Beitrag zum Studium der modernen Qabalah seit über einem Jahrhundert.”
Lon Milo DuQuette, Autor von Die Hühner-Qabalah des Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford 

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In the late bronze age¹ and throughout the biblical period, the practice of Gematria was a formal system of mathematics. Gematria had strict rules and conventions that regulated how calculations were composed and read, just as our formal system of math does today.

You may ask how the ancient Hebrew speaking peoples accomplished this with only the alphabet? That's a great question because at that time there was no notation for arithmetic like +, -, ×, ÷ and this happened before the Arabic numbering system (0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc) was invented².
In those ancient times all the letters of the alphabet represented numbers, and parts of speech were used to separate calculating values from calculating indicators. Nouns were used for their values, and some verbs and prepositions were reserved to indicate types of arithmetic. For example, to bless ברוך indicated a multiplication by 2, while to curse ארור meant to divide by 2. 

See for YHVH has given you the Sabbath upon that he gives you in the day the sixth bread for two days.” Exodus 16:29
Some nouns were restricted from the count, and these were called middot (measures). These were words like: day, week, year, name, word, shekel, and all types of weights and measures. Middot included some unusual words that we wouldn't think of as measures today, such as: sons, and daughters.

Another feature of the formal system was that some nouns had set values by convention, rather than representing the sum of their letters. These were usually words that were related to the pictorial origins and themes of the alphabet. For example, the letter Beth came from the pictogram of a house, and so the word בית meaning house has the set value of 2 like the Beth. Nun came from the pictogram of a snake, and so the word נחש (nachash) meaning snake has the set value of 50 like the letter. עיניים meaning eyes has the set value of 70 like the letter Ayin which came from the pictogram of an eye.

All these features meant that gematria in the Bible was a formal system of math that readers of the time knew how to decipher so that the exact calculations of biblical writers were understood by biblical readers.

In all ancient societies the practice of numeracy is acquired before literacy, often by a significant margin³, and before Hebrew letters were corresponded to phonetic sounds that could be recorded, they were numbers. The numbers of the alphabet were assigned to specific yet broad themes which corresponded to how the ancients perceived the ancient world. These themes were matters that were thought to be in the experience of all human beings like day, night, the sky, birth, death, etc. These were all arranged into a diagram, alternatively called the Seven Palaces or the Merkabah (Chariot), and this was used for correspondences. The Merkabah was made a restricted study by the Sages, so little mention of it was made in the Talmud. This restriction also covered the main ciphers used in the Bible, with the exception of the Standard Cipher (Mispar Hechrechi).

GEMARA: The Gemara poses a question: You said in the first
clause of the mishna: Nor may one expound the Design of the
Divine Chariot by oneself, which indicates that the topic may not
be learned at all, and yet you subsequently said: Unless he is wise
and understands most things on his own, which indicates that an
individual is permitted to study the Design of the Divine Chariot.
The Gemara explains: This is what the mishna is saying: One may
not expound the topic of forbidden sexual relations before three
students, nor the act of Creation before two, nor may one teach the
Divine Chariot to one, unless that student was wise and understands on his own.

- Chagigah 11b:8–9, The William Davidson Talmud.

The ancients would have just called their system of math מנה (manah) which means to count. The word Gematria was borrowed from the Greek word meaning geometry, as in practical terms this meant land measurement and it was probably intended to refer to mathematics.

"The ancient rabbis were well aware of this use of geometry. It is to it that, in Pirkei Avot or “The Ethics of the Fathers,” Rabbi Eliezer Hisma was referring when he said, “Tekufot [calendrical reckoning] and gimatriya’ot [geometrical algebra] are side dishes to wisdom.” Gematria thus came to mean the algebraic solution of mathematical problems, and eventually, simple arithmetic and the calculation of the numerical values of Hebrew words. This is the sense in which it entered Jewish tradition, in which both it and the technique it designates are still widely encountered today." - Philologos (The Forward, 2013)

The Gematria ciphers for the Hebrew Bible were transposed to the Greek alphabet by Jewish converts to Christianity and they were used in the New Testament. Soon afterwards, the New Testament cipher was lost by Christian Churches, to the detriment of general biblical exegesis.

In 1900 the Biblical Ciphers were re-discovered by Aleister Crowley, who transliterated them to our modern alphabet and used them in Liber Al vel Legis and other of his Class A texts. Aleister used his knowledge of the Merkabah and the biblical ciphers as the architecture behind the Qabalah of Thelema.

In 2015 the biblical ciphers were rediscovered by the Noachide and Thelemite cryptographer Bethsheba Ashe, the creator of this calculator, and she spent the years following deciphering the ancient hebrew formal system using scientific method. She has presented the results of several years of biblical decipherment in her guide to the study of gematria throughout the ages: 'Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria', which will be published by Aeon Books on the 31st October 2023. 

[1.] The oldest example of gematria is in the Mt. Ebal Curse tablet.
ASHE, B. (2023). Behold: The art and practice of gematria. Aeon Books. pg 21-22. 
[2.] The History of Mathematical Symbols:
[3.] Overmann, K. A. (2023). The materiality of numbers: Emergence and elaboration from prehistory to present. Cambridge University Press.

Shematria is a Gematria Calculator for people engaged in the study of Hebrew and Greek Biblical Scripture.

Shematria converts words to numbers. It makes working out formal gematria calculations easier and faster to do. Shematria accepts calculations in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic & Roman scripts. The calculator only carries ciphers that have been proven to have been used in the Tanakh, the New Testament, the Talmud, or the Book of the Law*.

The Genesis Order cipher is generally used in conjunction with alphabetic acrostics in the Bible (see 777 for the gematria of the 'virtuous wife'). The first two chapters of Genesis are keyed to this cipher.

The Biblical Gematria cipher is the most widely employed gematria cipher in the Bible.

The Reversal Cipher applies the Biblical Gematria cipher values to the letters in the reverse order.

The Standard Hebrew cipher is Mispar Hekhreḥi, and it is chiefly used in Talmudic and Kabbalistic texts.

The name 'Shematria' is a contraction of the words 'Shem' and 'Gematria'. in Hebrew the word 'Shem' means 'name'. The word 'Shematria' has the same gematria value as the word 'Gematria'. A common title for God in Judaism is 'HaShem', meaning 'The Name' (of God). This calculator allows you to add + and subtract - as well as do simple division / and multiplication * (with single letters).

The Gematria Calculator will not count any numbers that you enter if they accompany letters. If you enter numbers only, it will check our database for other examples of words and calculations that match that number.

The Shematria database is curated. Please see our guidelines for submission to our database. The Gematria Bible includes the standard gematria of each word, and it can speak the verses in Hebrew or Greek for you to reveal poetic meter, rhyme, and other features of the text.

To learn more about the formal system of Gematria used in the Bible, please see Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria by Bethsheba Ashe, on Amazon, Lulu or Barnes & Noble. Also by Bethsheba Ashe — To learn more about Aleister Crowley's gematria, please see 'The Hermeneutics of Aleister Crowley', freely available as a PDF (see above for link).

* With the exception of the experimental Arabic cipher.

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