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9th April 2024 In protest over the Israeli war in Gaza, this site will no longer be available for people in Israel. Israeli users are being redirected to this page. 40,000 civilians have been killed in Gaza, and many areas are completely destroyed and are not fit to sustain life. Disease and hunger are rife, and Netanyahu still intends on invading Rafah in line with the long term plans of extreme right wing ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir to reduce the population of Gaza to 100-200,000 and displace the majority of Palestinians into Egypt and replace them with Israelis settlers. This is a war crime against against the UN convention on human rights. It is also [as anyone who has read my books will already know] a shocking misinterpretation of the Torah which is being read out of context and without due respect and regard for biblical hermeneutics.

15th October 2023 It's day nine of the Israel/Palestine conflict which has been marked by a tragic and horrendous loss of innocent lives, and in response Shematria is calling for peace. You can hear the historic Peace song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono on our mainpage, and it will remain there until the killing is stopped and peace is achieved. We regard the Noachide Law and the Law from Sinai which commands "Not shall thou murder" to be an absolute law. Consider the gematria of Exodus 20:13:
Exodus 20:13
800 signifies this law is absolute, in the past, now, and for all time without exception, and applies to all humankind. So do the right thing for the sake of your soul; do not kill and do not support killing of any kind under any circumstances. Thank you for your support.

4th October 2023Heeeeey! Got a new article on Shematria today! This one is all about the Thoth Tarot deck and its thematic basis in Genesis 1-2, so check that out here. :-) 93 93/93.

22nd September 2023 Happy Equinox! We've got plenty of reading and study for you this fall. Firstly - check out the Gematria page for Genesis 1-2. All the verses have now been calculated and the page is finalised. We also have two new books hitting the shelves next month; Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria will be back in publication through Aeon books. This edition of Behold! features details about the gematria of the Mt. Ebal Curse tablet. Estimated to have been produced around 1440 BCE, the tablet is earliest example of gematria in existance. Next month is also the publication of Chariot: An essay on Bereshit and the Merkabah (available on the 21st October), which is a whole new book. All in all, there's plenty to look forward to this fall and you can pre-order both books now. Have fun!

21st August 2023 Aish has just published an excellent article about the invention of the alphabet today, talking about the scholars who believe it was invented by the Jewish people. It's what I've been saying all along because the formal system of gematria/math which was written in the Bible retains a memory of the early alphabet and its meanings. For instance, the hebrew word for "house" (bayit) has the set value of 2; the hebrew word for "snake" (nachash) has the set value of 50, and the hebrew for "eye" (ayin) has the set value of 70, etc. and this proves the case beyond a doubt. This article doesn't mention gematria but looks at the other evidence for the Jewish invention of the alphabet and its very good so please give it a read and share it on your social media channels. Thank you. You can find it here: The Jewish Invention of the Alphabet

4th July 2023

Happy 4th July! I've opened a new private subreddit (r/shematria) for people to share and discuss their gematria results. You can join the community to comment HERE.

29th May 2023

I recently updated Shematria to display canonical tags for all the numbered correspondences in the database, but as a consequence I temporarily and accidently disabled the Online Gematria Bible. I just noticed it today and I've re-enabled it. It should be working properly again now. If you see anything not working in the calculator please drop me an email: beth@lightwoodstudio.com. I've also updated the Content Protection System (CPS) to the latest Google suggested standard so Shematria is more secure than ever.

2nd April 2023

I started a new series of articles about gematria on my Times of Israel blog. I'm going through the verses of Genesis 1-2 and talking about how the verses are describing the different qualities and themes of the hebrew letters. I'm also breaking down the calculations for you and providing you with a commentary on the ancient hebrew system of biblical math, so there's plenty for you to learn. Check out the blogpage to find the latest articles. In other news, you may have noticed that Shematria isn't on the first page of the google rankings anymore. The site recieved a major hit after the recent Google update rollout in March. We appear to be the only major gematria site that was badly hit. There seems no rhyme nor reason for the adjustment. Maybe google is just evil, or maybe they don't like it that we don't allow search engines to track our users? Who knows? We're slowly recovering, but please share a link to Shematria on your social media platforms and make people aware that we're here. That will really help matters. Thanks! As always if you have feedback and suggestions for the site you can email me about them and I'll listen.

22nd March 2023I've added a page for my blog to make it easier to navigate. Check out the Sitemap! The blog contains many tips and examples of how to practice biblical gematria. Check it out. https://www.shematria.com/gematriablog

7th January 2023Happy New Year! As you might have already realised, I've added a new section to Shematria; a presentation of the gematria of Genesis 1-2, using the formal rhetoric system of math used at the time the text was composed. As you can see, the first two chapters of the Bible are densly woven with gematria, and each of the verses belong to a letter category for the Hebrew alphabet, which has been arranged according to the Genesis Order cipher. I've completed chapter One today, but chapter Two requires more work. If you decipher any of the verses please get in touch and I'll add your entry to the catelogue. In other news, Aeon Books is publishing a new edition of "Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria" in September of this year. Behold! is available to Pre-order on Amazon at this link.

29th August 2022I felt the links were getting a little unweildy so I've created a new links page where they have space to grow and multiply. If you like this calculator, why not share your results on social media and tell people about our work? Thank you. :-)

17th August 2022 Shematria now features a public API so you can add calculations to your own sites and pages. See: https://www.shematria.com/api for more information.

12th August 2022 I've made a few changes to Shematria behind the scenes. First of all, it should be faster now, and I also fixed a bug with the notariqon tool which meant it wasn't including letters if they were preceded (or followed) by punctuation marks. Notariqon now removes punctuation properly before taking letters from the leading left or right of words. In the coming months there will be new features added to Shematria - such as an adjusted Strong's concordance with updated translations and notes on the mathematical proerties of Hebrew and Greek words. Once the Concordance is up I'll be looking for editors to help me update and adjust the concordance. Please get in touch if such work appeals to you.

27th July 2022. Announcement: The color self-published edition of "Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria" will be discontinued at the end of this year. Next year, a new black and white edition of Behold is to be published by Aeon books. I've updated the book following the discovery that the Mt. Ebal tablet includes gematria. The book will be less expensive next year too, which should please many. I'll publish more details about the new edition here.

14th May 2022.Added hebrew keys to calculator. I'll be changing the buttons to images of the Proto-Consonantal Script to make it easier for people to work with early alphabetic inscriptions like those found on the Mt. Ebal tablet.

29th April 2022.Major News. The find of a curse tablet from Mt. Ebal places the dating of gematria to the 13th Century BCE. Read the blog.

16th January 2022. We have new content! Tom's Schuler's alt.magick series of essays on the Virtues and Vices of the Sephiroth proved so popular on social media last week that I've given them their own page on Shematria so that more people can benefit.

22nd Dec 2021. I've added an extra cipher today: the Standard Hebrew cipher, aka Mispar Hekhreḥi. The Standard Hebrew cipher is frequently used in the Talmud and in Kabbalistic texts, both as a cover-cipher and a cipher in its own right.

20th Dec 2021.The diagram of the Trumps and the Seven Palaces has been replaced by a more comprehensive PDF. Look under the 'Ciphers and Correspondences' tab on the main page.

17th Dec 2021.Shematria has had a facelift. I hope you like the new design. Also check out several new pages I've added recently; the Key of it All, Recommended Reading, and the Holy Name.

12th Dec 2021.Minor update to the Hermeneutics of Aleister Crowley, including further work on AL 1:26, and there is now an Appexdix 4 with Notes on the (false) Sephirah of Da'ath. The file is now v2-1. The next update will be v2-2, then v2-3 and so on.

1st Dec 2021. Aleister Crowley marshaled all that he knew and all that he had been taught, in an attempt to evolve religion itself and bring upon the world a new renaissance; the new Aeon. But why did this man feel himself to be qualified for this role? And what enabled him to do this more than other men and women of equal talent? The Hermeneutics of Aleister Crowley is now live on Shematria! Tell your friends. 🙂 93 93/93. Download Now!

19th Oct 2021.In the coming days we will be rolling out a new feature for Shematria: individual scratchpads. The 'Latest Gematria' page is to be retired and replaced by private & individual session scratchpads of your work. You'll be able to easily turn this feature on and off on the main page.

15th Sep 2021.It's been a busy time. I've addded a 'recommended reading' page to Shematria, and spruced up the Sanctum Regnum site, which now has its own library. Ongoing projects are: 1. "Genesis and the Tarot" [book], 2. "The Genesis Wheel" (revised - due in 2022). 3. An academic paper about gematria for peer review in a journal. 4. An online course from the Sanctum Regnum. As well as updating the Shematria database, working on the code to make Shematria a more intelligent calculator, and producing videos and blogs and Galay books etc.

1st Sep 2021. New blog post @ the Times of Israel - about the alphabetic acrostic of Psalms 112:1-10, and the notariqon of Genesis 1-2.

26th August 2021.The Gematria Bible now links verses to Biblehub verses, and the names of the Hebrew books are displayed in Hebrew.

19th August 2021.The Galay Meme Maker was a little buggy but I've fixed it. Further improvements will be made down the line.

17th August 2021. Today I've added the ability to search the gematria of the Book and the Law, and to write your own secret memes with the Galay writing script. Just convert, into a Galay JPG and upload to social media to evade censorship and AI snooping.

14th August 2021. New to Shematria today - Notariqon, which is a notariqon generator.

5th August 2021. 'Behold - The Art and Practice of Gematria' is now available as a Kindle e-book. Free to Kindle Unlimited Members until Nov 2nd 2021.

31st July 2021. I've started a new YouTube Channel to give live demonstrations of Gematria. Subscribe to our new channel.

15th July 2021. Going forward, I plan to make the calculator use brackets (). They're needed for many calculations in the bible so this should make things easier.

4th June 2021.
'Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria' is now available at Amazon too.

27th May 2021.
'Behold! : The Art and Practice of Gematria' has finally been published through Lulu, and we're awaiting confirmation from the other platforms. I won't be self-publishing an e-book or a paperback version but I am investigating having them published by a traditional publishing house. 'Behold' is the result of seven years of research and practice with gematria, and because it is a formal system that obeys rules and conventions, I can teach you how to practice the art as easily as I could show you how to do arithmetic. Through learning the system you'll be able to work out gematria like an ancient scribe or a modern occult master, which means that your exegesis of (for instance) the bible will be more informed and refined than ever before. This unique book is an ideal guide and reference for those engaged in Biblical or Occult Studies.

18th May 2021.
Today I finished writing 'Behold! The Art and Practice of Gematria' which is a complete guide to the formal system of biblical and occult gematria. I'll let you know publication plans as they are settled.

14th April 2021.
Earlier today the calculator was hardened against spam and some offensive terms.

28th March 2021.
We had an intermittant bug with the database which has now been resolved. If you were affected, my apologies for any frustration but it should be smooth sailing from here-on in.

3rd March 2021.
If you still see ducks when you open up Shematria, press Ctrl R to see the new layout. Or go to Settings-Privacy on your device and empty all stored images from your cache. The new layout is easier on the eyes. :-)

14th Feb 2021
Happy Valentines Day! I've fixed another bug in Shematria that was making it fall over. Now, if there is an error with the server behind the scenes, the site will not fall over but should give you an error message instead, and re-entering your sum should work on the second try.

1st Feb 2021
Sorry, but we've been having a few issues with our page counter and fell over a couple of times in the last week. It's resolved now however.

31st December 2020
Bug fix! Shematria was truncating any text with an '&' in it. All instances of '&' are now replaced with a space and the text is no longer truncated. Have a Happy New Year!

10th December 2020
You've probably noticed that Shematria has changed a bit. There's articles, blogs, links to FSR tools, and the bloated links have been cut back. The spit & polish was after the google rolled out their new core algorithm and our rankings dropped by over 70%! I was mightily miffed at first but it inspired me to travel down the road of SEO optimisation. So here we are! Ready to meet the new year with a whopping 85% score from www.seobility.net.

5th December 2020
I've continued to add to the database. Also check the links on Shematria to find a new Galay Library. Download Galay books and exercise those neurons!

8th November 2020
New app! The Galay converter. Type your message (in English or Hebrew) & convert it to Galay script.

6th November 2020
The Latest Gematria page has been suspended. This is not the place to register your political views or to engage in numerology concerning conspiracy theories. This is a gematria site. Learn the difference!

3rd November 2020
The index page of Shematria has changed to link to several more learning apps from the Fraternity of the Sanctum Regnum.

2nd October 2020
Resolved bug with tts (hopefully). Please drop me a line if it stops working or throws other errors. Thanks.

29th September 2020
The Glory of Kings site has underwent an extensive upgrade of late:
1) The site now generates unique images for each verse with a quote on top for social media sharing.
2) Each verse in now narrated in English by Steven Ashe and a tribute to him has been added to the footers of each page.
3) Initial coding for members areas for both Shematria and the GOK has been completed.
4) Plans are afoot to add a text to speech translation service in all the major languages.

10th September 2020
I've finished stripping Motta's commentary from The Glory of Kings. Crowley's comments are deliberately paced and allow the reader pauses for reflection, but Motta's commentary interupped that timing; thus interfering with the readers understanding of Crowley's comments. Thus - he had to go!

10th September 2020
The Glory of Kings now uses query strings so you can post and share specific pages and their commentary to social media networks.

8th September 2020
Fixed the Text to Speech feature. It is now working again. I also added a new entry to the database connecting one of the Pillars of the Temple (Yachin) with Jesus. See number 719 for more.

27st August 2020
Added to the Tools section for people who want to learn the Hebrew Alephbet. I also added a Biblical Gematria Wiki link to the Books/papers & Articals section.

23st August 2020
Fixed query string to encode the plus sign and added 3 new calculations from the bible to 111, 666 and 777.

21st August 2020
Added player to text-to-speech. Apologies for the downtime this evening.

19th August 2020
Pythonanywhere is now back in Facebook's whitelist. Yeah! Thanks to everyone who put that right. You can now share your gematria results on Facebook! :-)

16th August 2020
Facebook has blacklisted all subdomains on pythonanywhere because one of them contravened its community policy. Through no fault of our own, Shematria and its sister site (The Glory of Kings) cannot be shared on FB at the moment. This is unfair, and to draw a comparison, it is like banning an entire FB group because of the actions of one member. I have made several reports to FB, and also reported the matter to Pythonanywhere.com. When the matter is resolved I shall notify you here. If you would like to help to resolve the issue, please try to share a link on FB, and then select the 'report a problem' when you are not able to. Tell them a blanket ban on all pythonanywhere developers is unfair. That will help. Thanks.

14th August 2020
Completed work on query strings. Shematria now generates them as well as reads them, so users can share their individual results with friends.
*Note ~ need to fix bug that generates results on the 'latest gematria' page twice.

13th August 2020
I've added the first part of the query-string process. Shematria will now accept and process queries from the url. To do this manually type after the url: ?source=[your input here]. You can then copy and share the url (it will automatically parse it for you). For instance: The Hebrew days of the Week.
Part two (creating the query strings automatically) will be coming soon.

7th August 2020
Added text-to-speech feature to the Book Search, so it now reads the verse aloud upon loading in either Hebrew or Greek.

31th July 2020
New Correspondences added to database; 156, 718, 670, 360, 800, 666, 765, 1000 & 418, including 1000 for Job 1:1. Also added a link to a decent pic of the Tree of Life to Correspondences tab & a gematria comment to 1:56 of GOK.

29th July 2020
Added link to Petrovich's Alphabet Chart to Correspondences.

27th July 2020
Added commentary to 1:57 of the Glory of Kings, and new database content to Shematria.

18th July 2020
Added new word & value: אימתי (65) to database.

17th July 2020
Continued to add gematria commentary to GOK & made additions to the Shematria database.

9th July 2020
Fixed bug in GOK that stopped the commentary on the last verses of the chapters from showing & another one that threw an error if the session timed out & the previous/next buttons were used. I've been continuing to add commentary & fixed pages 2:55 (added trigrams) and 3:34 (added table). I've also set up a new FB group for the discussion of the Book of the Law, pertinant to my findings on The Tunis Comment.

6th July 2020
Added commentary to over 50 verses of the Book of the Law (See our Glory of Kings sister site).

1st July 2020
Database Update: Added two new entries for #666 from the Book of the Law 1:16 and I continue to add gematria commentary to GOK.

30th June 2020
Started adding my own gematria commentary to the Glory of Kings site.

29th June 2020
Added Crowley's commentaries to 'The Glory of Kings'.

27th June 2020
Added #2330 to database; found in Revelation 7:12.

26th June 2020
Set up Shematria Patreon page;  https://www.patreon.com/shematria?fan_landing=true

"Shematria is a free and online gematria calculator built by Bethsheba Ashe. The core value of the calculator is that it provides a resource that uses the correct gematria keys for the Tanakh, New Testament and the Book of the Law, thus it enables biblical and WMT scholars to form more conclusive and holistic exegesis of the Bible and Thelemic texts. Your donations help to fund Shematria development and keep the app freely available to everyone. Please help us keep Shematria growing."

PC/Tablet view: www.shematria.com
Mobile view: https://www.shematria.com/

25th June 2020
Updated Book Search & added "Previous" and "Next buttons to the interface.
**Still to do: code so that the end of one chapter is linked to the beginning of another.

The book input field of the Book Search now recognises Jewish names of the Tanakh, in either the Latin or Hebrew alphabets.

In Book Search results, Strong's Hebrew and Greek numbers were given links to biblehub.coms' 'Strong's Concordance'.

"Latest Results" now includes Book Search results.

18th June 2020
Added latest blog link to menu: Books & Papers/Articles - https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-ineffable-name/ 

26th May 2020
Added Reversal Cipher key to Menu: Correspondences.

In Book Search results, Strong's Hebrew and Greek numbers were given links to biblehub.coms' 'Strong's Concordance'.