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If you have discovered gematria in any of the Holy Books please drop us an email. We will review your submission and add your calculation to the database so long as it is proper gematria and not numerology.

  If you wish to be credited for the discovery please add your name and the date of when you found the gematria calculation. Please include details about any flag words, calculating words or mnemonic words in the calculation. New entries are usually added within 24 hours. 
Please read our Submission Guide below before submitting a calculation.

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Submission Guide

The Shematria Gematria Calculator was created as a tool for research purposes; to enable the recording of biblical and occult gematria calculations. Please read our notes before submitting calculations to the database. 


Gematria Value

This should be the final total of the calculation. i.e. the gematria value of a + b is 3.


Gematria Calculation

Copy & Paste your gematria calculation in this section. It can be in either Hebrew, Greek, English or Arabic.


Gematria Cipher(s) Involved

Name the cipher you are using. Note - we only accept Shematria approved ciphers; Biblical Gematria, the Reversal Cipher or the Genesis Order.



Shematria does this for you. If your calculation is in English, it will transliterate the sum to Hebrew, and if the sum is Hebrew or Greek, it will transliterate the sum into English for you.


Book or text of origin and chapter & verse

When referencing a book of the Bible, you may reference either the hebrew name of the book or its English name. Be sure to separate chapter and verse numbers with double dots, and to indicate a span of pages with "-"; i.e. Genesis 2:2-9 means Chapter 2, verses 2 through to 9.   


Date and Credit of Discovery

When you make a discovery of gematria in the holy books, it is like finding a new star or comet in the sky, or the bones of a new dinosaur. We want to credit you with any original discoveries that you make, so please note down the date of the discovery. We will accept pseudonyms as well as 'real' names, but if you really don't want to be credited for your find then write 'N' at the bottom of your submission.  


Final thoughts

If you're including any flag words, calculating words or mnemonic words in the calculation then please jot down each word separately and explain its conventional use. Try to include examples of other calculations where the convention is followed. While new entries are usually added within 24 hours, some calculations may take longer to check, but we will get to them. 

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